Medical Pedicure

Hard-working feet need care and attention from time to time to make them look and feel their best. If your feet have problem areas such as corns, callouses, thickened nails and skin, then a Medical Pedicure is an ideal treatment. Performed by a B.Sc. (Hons.) Pod. Med. graduate, a Medical Pedicure transforms feet with the safe surgical removal of all dead and dry skin. Nails are shaped, buffed and re-hydrated, and feet are left feeling revitalised and healthy.
What to expect from a Medical Pedicure treatment?
Firstly, nails are cut and filed with precision instruments. Powerful diamond drill heads are used to transform yellow, discoloured, ridged and thickened nails into sparkling white, smooth surfaces. Next all corn, callous and hard skin is removed using sterile, single-use scalpel blades. Then an electric smoother is used all over the foot to render it soft and smooth. Finally, cooling moisturiser is applied. Everything in the Oceanus Medispa is extremely hygienic and our Medical Pedicures use one-time only tools (blades and drill tips) which come from sealed packages and are immediately discarded after use. Because a Medical Pedicure is performed on dry feet there is no risk of infection from a shared footbath.
Benefits of a Medical Pedicure
A Medical Pedicure will make your feet look and feel amazing. Clients find that results can last up to 3 months if feet are moisturised every night.

1 x 60 minute Medical Pedicure costs £45.00
1 x 30 minute Foot Care Treatment costs £30.00

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